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    Thursday, June 20, 2013


    Random post as always..........
    Gonna blog bout my "suay-ness"(unluckiness) today and the hot topic in Singapore..#sgHaze.

    Sooo about the haze's started for about a week or so already due to the forest fire in Indonesia. And what caused the forest fire? hmmm..different sources give different news. So whose story do you buy? As for me, i'd reserve that answer to myself. Heh! And below are some resources i've gotten from the "Straits Times" app. 

    As for the above article, it's pretty scary to see the PSI hit 321 in Singapore!! Cause our daily average is like what? Below 50? And now it suddenly increases 6times in a short span of a few days. It's probably a normal thing in other countries (i'm not sure?), but in Singapore, it's definitely something to worry about. And yes, this forest fire thing happens annually. So why do i only show concern now? Cause the PSI readings show a "very unhealthy" level. And it's the highest that has ever been recorded in history.  Sometimes i just don't understand how those companies can be so unethical when they have so many codes of business ethics. And of course i all boils down to money! But then again..without do u have enough life span to spend that huge amount of money? tsktskk.

    In addition, this haze thing is really quite scary. It's definitely peanuts compared to other natural disasters in the world, like Tornados, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Epidemics etc.. But it's still something that concerns us. It's like we're breathing in this unhealthy polluted air daily! Long term inhalation is definitely hazardous! Especially to people like meeeeee...with asthma. Sighhh~ I'm super reluctant to leave home nowadays due to the haze man. Cause i have to wear the mask whenever i'm out. And it's really quite irritating. And i have to make sure i have my ventolin with me all the time just in case my asthma acts up again! And my eye is not helping at all. The sty in my eye is back again! Grrr!!! And now i can't put any eye makeup to prevent it from being infected further. Boooo!!!

    And opportunities for other sector! Face masks..air purifiers!! So convenient. Businesses are really interrelated. Complements and substitutes of each other. And i was out trying to buy some face masks today. All the Guardian Pharmacies i'd gone to had al their surgical masks all sold out. :// Totally selling like hotcakes..just like the SARS period.

    Okay..and about my "suay-ness" today. Just look at the article above. Train fault again! If you're a Singaporean..u'd have known that there's no such thing as train faults ever since there's a train system in Singapore. Only until recent years, there's sucha thing!! For the first few times, it's really forgiveable but train faults have been happening very frequently nowadays! Yes, free train rides given as a form of compensation. But, it totally shouts as the "most unreliable" transport system! You encourage public to take the public transport, then please make your public transport an efficient one, dear government! 

    Despite the many train faults that have occurred, i've never experienced one before until today! :/ Was on the NEL towards Punggol from Outram Park, and then one stop later, the train stopped at Chinatown. And it stopped there for like what? 30min? I was patiently waiting and there were announcements telling us there's a fault at hougang station which had caused the delay. But they didn't tell us how long we've got to wait!!! I got so impatient aft bout 30min and decided to switch to a bus instead. So i stepped out of the train and approached the escalator. And then.....the train doors closed!!! I was already at the escalator when i saw the train operate again!! ARGHHH!!!! Totally madness there ok!!!!!! i could have waited for another 30seconds and the train would have operated again! but i didnt!!! Butbutbut..i was also quite lucky to not have stucked in between stations, which means at the tunnel area, that's stated in the article. It would be so scary to walk in the tunnels uh! And the haze totally made the whole train fault thing worse!!!

    Soooo..........i'd not step out of my house for the next few days!!!!! Not to places that more than 1km from my house!!! So irritated by the haze ok! And i really feel unwell when i'm out. Like headache and shortness of breath. Badbadbad~~~

    timecheck now 3:51am. Sun's rising soon~~~

    Tuesday, April 16, 2013

    Not Myself.

    Sometimes i wonder if i'm suffering from depression. Cause my mood are real extreme? It's like i'm either real happy or i'm damn emo. I seldom or rarely find myself in between those zones. I'm not sure if it's the sagittarius thing? But it's really not a good thing to me.

    I've been feeling perfectly fine and cheerful for the days in 2013 so far. It's just that recently, like a week or so, i'm really feeling as though i'm uber down. Not sure if it's cause of the exam stress that's kicked in. But i really don't feel good. Like ytd, while on my way home, I suddenly teared while listening to "if i were a boy". i really dont know why!!


    And sometimes, i feel really "friend-less". I often tell my friends that i have no friends. But what they'll tell me back in respond is the opposite, which is i appear to have lotsa them. But idk, i just feel i have zero. I will have a feeling that people are your friend cause they want something from you? Like once they've "made use" of you, they'll leave your sight. I really hate that feeling. But i can't deny that that's how i feel. I really have no idea who are the real friends and who the ones that just come and go. Call me paranoid or lack of security. But that's just how I am. It's like sometimes if i were to text that friend and i don't get any reply back when i need some advise or a listening ear from that someone. It totally sucks y'know!

    Like you thought that person is really your friend who's gonna be there for you no matter what's just plain disappointment! And i do admit that sometimes i don't reply people's text. And that's cause i'm plain lazy and the content isn't really v.important. So i really don't feel like responding. And of course, i do know who's the ones that are there all the while.

    Whatever it is now, i just don't feel like updating anything at all. On facebook or instagram. The 2 most sites i frequent usually. Only place for me to "vend" everything out is...twitter&here. Cause it's more private. oknvm forget bout my illogical thinking.

    Tuesday, March 19, 2013


    Some mistakes are meant to be forgiven. However, if that same mistake were to be repeated so many times, it's longer worth to be forgiven. You were just simply being taken granted for. Just have to wake up and switch your senses back on. And not give a damn about that someone who committed that same mistake for umpteen times.

    I was a belieber~

    Hahahah!!! Yeappp that's right!
    That's Justin Bieber. And i was a Belieber! Who doesn't have a past right?
    And i still do think some of his songs are pretty catchy and nice!
    And by saying i'm a belieber, i don't mean i like purple, dressed like him or wear snapbacks(then). I just listen to all of his songs!!! Got to know him through YouTube hopping and hopped to his video before it was even that that that popular! His first debut hit - "One Time". 

    And aheemmm!! I went to his concert!!! 
    He was in Singapore in 2011 and i simply had to go!!!
    And that was the crowd~
    It was still quite early when i shot this. As soon as the show started, it was...BOOM! Booming with lotsa teens..well..young young young CRAZY FAN TEENS! Mainly caucasians though. And they were all clad "jb's" style!!! It was pretty cute!

    Here's my look for that night~ 
    Trying to dress as young as i could. Cause i know the crowd will be full of young peeps!

    And tadah~ Here's JB in his signature snapback!
    He's really kinda cute isn't he?
    I really just don't understand why so many ppl are against him.
    Like ermmm..can you sing like him or even better? If not, don't judge!

    Okayyyy..And this is random! hahah! Took this like 2 years back? Before we went to catch "Thor" i think? I mistook "thor" as "troy" and hence named my iPhoto album "troy". hahahah! idky i mixed up the names. 


    We were like experimenting with the light streaks effect!
    Cause i think i just bought my camera then?

    Okok..last one!!! ^^

    Here's the end of another random post!
    i finally managed to cleared lotsa space in my Mac! Transferred ALLL my pics to my new HD. And yayyy my Mac is not so work overloaded anymore! And while transferring, i browsed through the photos in my iPhoto once again and so this post!
    So much memories!!!
    No wonder they say, "A picture worth a thousand words."


    Thursday, March 14, 2013

    Wo Jiu Shi Random Queen!

    Prelims is finally over!!! Nothing to rejoice about cause i totally didn't take it v.seriously.
    Was just bluffing my way through. Of 5 papers, I've only taken 3? Which is kinda..BAD? But i guess there's lotsa peeps out there who take none of their papers. So considering that, i'm not that bad after all right? teeheeex! :D

    Ok so prelims aside!

    Was browsing through my iPhotos and came to realise i've got lotsssss of videos!! Videos as in those that i've filmed myself..raw..unedited during my trips/vacations and random days! Laughed quite abit while watching them. It was so silly and LOL! And i realised we've all grown and changed so much? Really quite incredible! hahahah! And so besides watching them, i've decided to edit them and make them into a "proper"/"enjoyable" video. I've always edited my videos since sec sch/jc days. Just on and off every now and then depending on my mood. And editing using Windows Movie Maker to iMovie. And i must say...iMovie is really soososoososo much more pleasant to use! It's just too user-friendly. For a moment, i'm thinking why didn't i study "mass media" instead. Hahs! (On the other day, i was tweeting why i didn't study engineering instead. Cause if i did, i could be a car mechanic!!! Yayaya! I'm just simply uber random and fickle like that!)

    So back to the video editing part...Spend quite some time in the afternoon to edit them. This time i edited my bangkok trip videos back in 2011 with Alverina! hahahah! It was so much fun then! And it's only for day 2! Day 1 video was edited back in 2011 though! Hahaha! So u much time lag there is! But i still managed to edit them...soooo...{pats on my back} :D

    And sth will be missing without theseeeee.........

    Right?? hahahha! Some camwhore to end the post. (abruptly)
    And a "gif"t for u~~ HWahahah!
    (will upload my edited video once i post it up to youtube~)

    gif make